Saturday, February 23, 2013

Funny Friday (a few hours late!)

It was another busy Friday at RML, with two storytimes and our Next Chapter reading club for kids in grades 2-4, hence a slight delay in our Funny Friday post.

The other day I was at the Library Service Center in Willimantic, (a great resource for libraries that we are lucky to have) and chatted very briefly with Linda Williams who is in charge of the childrens collection there.  She does so many wonderful things to serve the children of Connecticut, mostly behind the scenes but everyone involved with libraries and children in the state know of her and are appreciative of her.  She happened to have a book on her desk by Jan Thomas and thus we arrive at the funny for the day: the hysterical, kid-approved humorous books of Jan Thomas.

With titles like "Rhyming Dust Bunnies" and "What Will the Fat Cat Sit On?", you just know she's a hoot and a half.   Click here for a great interview with her.    The article is also full of Jan's silly illustrations, like the one below.

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