Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love is in the Air...and so is SNOW!

Seems Mother Nature is nowhere near done with Winter yet - the Town of Marlborough has closed all town buildings including the Library for tomorrow, Friday Feb 8 and Saturday Feb 9.  This means Ms Patty and I won't get to see our Friday storytime kids, but we will likely have a makeup class at the end of the session.
This week my Tuesday kids got to hear some ***LOVE**** stories! Ok, age appropriate stories about love of course! One that both Ms Patty and I like to do is a book we have in our storytelling collection (yes, the secret books that aren't for circulation that we stash in our office!) In our defense, this one has some 'flap' pages so it could easily get destroyed - that's why we keep it in the back for the kiddos to enjoy at storytime.

In Never Too Little to Love, a persistent mouse just has to reach his beloved, who is waaayyyy up there! Just shows you that when you give love, you get it in return, even if you have to climb a cupcake and matchbox and thimble for it! 

Here's a bad pic of the Valentine craft that we made - and yes, I did destroy an old and yellowing paperback for this (it was on the sale rack anyway and not in the collection!) It's a great way to recycle and those book print pages just evoke a feeling of love in us book people anyway!
Stay safe during this storm and RML will close tonite (Thurs) at 8pm and reopen on Monday!

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