Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day...We Have a Book for That!

Yes, I believe every day should be Earth Day, but I do think this holiday is a nice way to celebrate our great green planet and encourage children to stop and take a look at the wonderful things outside their windows (and computer screens).  So maybe like me, you'll plant some flowers this week with your Girl Scout troop, or take part in a community cleanup. 
Why not take some time to share one or all of these great books with your students or children while you're at it! These books subtly show that you don't have to 'hit' them over the head with the concept of a holiday to show them that loving and appreciating our natural world will make them want to celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY.

 I ADORE this book by Susan Gal. I've mentioned it before because it is great at combining a story about a family going camping,  a hidden bear who befriends their little toddler, and it uses a ton of prepositions as the family enjoys the outside world. How better to celebrate the Earth than by getting out there!!!

 A non-fiction title that encourages kids to explore their world - go camping - learn to use a compass - learn to identify trees and flowers - it's hands-on and can easily be added to your pack!

If author Grace Lin isn't enough to get you to pick this one up, then how about every kids delight at growing their own food?!!!! It's never too late to learn that food is not created in the grocery store.
It was named a Caldecott honor book for its awesome 'green' illustrations and clever cutouts of all many green-hued things we hold dear - firefly light, the sea, a jungle, lime. We think it works better one-on-one than in storytime, but I have yet to meet a kid who doesn't think it's just cool.
These people don't just talk the talk...can you say 'role model'?
Eco-crafts anyone? If you have kids, you know what they can do with a cardboard box and a toilet paper tube. Add some glue and watch out!

More titles for any day!
The Earth and I by Frank Asch 
The Earth Book by Todd Parr
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney
Outside Your Window by Nicola Davies
What Can You Do With an Old Red Shoe?: a green activity book about reuse by Anna Alter
We Planted A Tree by Diane Muldrow

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