Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Now?

Now that our formal registration storytimes have wrapped up, you may be asking:
 "What are Ms Patty and Ms Eileen doing NOW?"

So here's a little look at 3 things that are keeping us busy:

1. Things we do all year long that we have to catch up on. This includes everything from weeding out the old, ordering the new, and everything in between!

2. When you stop in next, take a peek in the Storytime room. This time of year, because of our lack of space, it becomes the Book Sale Room. I don't love having our space taken over, but it's a great fundraiser for the Library, so....
 And don't forget, we still have things like Bedtime Stories in May, Lunch Bunch in June, and other programs for children. Check out our calendar!!!

3. Also at this time of year, my office gets filled with all sorts of treats, books, props, etc to gear up for Summer Reading! Here's how my desk often looks:
 I should apologize for my lack of neatness, but I feel okay about it because I know all the lists and emails and books and catalogs help make a great Summer Reading Program! So do forgive, because it's all done with good intention.

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