Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Life As A Fractured Fairy Tale

Tonite at RML we hosted "Once Upon A Time" - fractured fairy tales and a cool photo session where we put our costumed young patrons into their favorite fairy-tale themed settings, with help from our resident photographer Heidi and a green screen of course.  This event was in cooperation with the Marlborough Education Foundation's "unplugged" week of events.
Ms. Patty sharing fractured fairy tales with the wee townsfolk

After reading some fractured fairy tales myself, I started thinking how this whole day was sort of my life's version of a fractured fairytale.  Here's how:

Awesome library princess (that's me) drives into work today, listening to NPR's John Dankosky broadcast from the CT Library Association's annual conference. (I didn't go this year, but was there in spirit). Not long after arriving at work, cool guy patron with his awesome wife and child comment on said broadcast, saying that while he is not a librarian himself, he listened to the whole thing and just loves libraries. GREAT WAY TO START MY FAIRYTALE DAY!
Later that day, trusty sidekick Ms Patty arrives, and we slay some library dragons (ok, we actually solved an online registration problem, lamented how we had once again scheduled too many things for the month, and did our usual chores at the castle.)
After hooking up some patrons with awesome books (except for maybe the one girl who really needed to re-think that research project first), we head off to the ball (ok, the program) and tell tales to the smallish members of the kingdom.
Enter, the evil Heidi, (she's not really evil, but we need a villain) who has camera problems that are threatening to bring the whole program to a halt!!!!!
Now enter the knight in shining armor, (my husband in his black minivan) who delivers my camera to the Library after riding his horse through the rough terrain of the woods (rt 2) 25 minutes each way. (Normally, I don't love it when the princess is rescued by the knight, but in this case it's okay).
The program is a success, and the townsfolk are a happy lot.
Ms Patty and I stay late closing up the castle, and after putting my dwarfs to bed, I end up here on my royal couch, eating a salad with likely-expired dressing for dinner.
That is my fractured fairy tale of a life. And I'm okay with that.

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  1. Love it! So perfect!
    (And special thanks to Heidi, who is not evil in the slightest, and to John for saving the day!)